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Over the years I have often jumped into situations where I’ve not known where I would be landing. It has been scary not feeling I’m in control but it has always meant growth and new learning. And so I jump into this new experience of blogging; wanting to, but not knowing what the final product will look like. Once more I have to release that uncomfortable feeling that I’m not in control, but also knowing this communication with others can’t wait until I see the entire picture.

I was late coming to consciously recognizing my intuition. It’s what often gave me the courage to leap without understanding what I had just committed myself to.  I was in my 40’s before someone recognized my intuitive gifts and asked if I wanted to become more consciously aware. Once more I jumped into the unknown.

I met my future husband at the grand old age of two. We have two children and two grandchildren. At the age of seven I knew I wanted to be a teacher. I wanted a red pen and figured that was the only way I’d ever get one. I awoke one morning knowing it was time to retire from teaching. I retired much earlier than I’d planned, this time for a black pen. Stories were calling my name. So once more I jumped even though I was still energized by teaching.

Once again I’m jumping, recognizing now is the right time. I have no clear knowing of why or what or how. I arise from a sound sleep to write this, knowing three things. The first is that until I write the beginning of my thought I won’t be shown the end of it. The second knowing is that the thoughts will have vanished into thin air if I wait until morning. The third and most important knowing is that it is what needs to be said.

As I pass the window on the way back to bed I see that the moon, lost behind rain, is now visible. I know I’m to photograph the moon every time I see it. I don’t have to know why. I don’t have to wait until I’m shown everything. I just have to begin.



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