Talking to the Enemy

Talk about multi tasking! I was reading my book from the library (You know, the old fashioned kind of book with pages and coffee stains from previous book worm patrons of the community library), watching a TV show that my 9 year old son was thoroughly enthralled with, playing on 3 different web pages, and listening to my oldest son’s lament about grade 11 physics homework when the phone rang. My first thought was of course, “Who would that be? No one phones me anymore. “ Text is the new talk, so had someone died? But alas, it was worse. It was a telemarketer.
I knew as soon as I said hello that the telemarketer had me. It was my old university asking the alumni for cash donations to support struggling students. A noble cause of course, but I was not ready to participate in the cash grab. I listened like I should, answered the questions in an honest friendly manner and then said No, No No.
Interestingly enough, I ended up with a couple of little bonuses at the end of it. The university said they would mail me a discount card that I could use to save lots of money. She didn’t tell me that every time I use the card, money goes to support struggling students. I found that out because I was able to surf the website and look at the details of the card while she kept talking. What a multi tasker; I was able to continue on with all of my evening enjoyment and also help send a kid to school! Sometimes it pays not to hang up on the enemy.


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