Satyagraha – firmness in pursuit of truth

  It is interesting the way the world works and offers us coincidence or serendipity.  This happened to me at work the other day.  I had just been told by a friend that some teenage friends of her daughter had been fighting in the park and one drew a knife and stabbed the other eight times.  He lived and is recovering in hospital and his birthday was yesterday… quite a way to spend it…celebrating being alive.  On my break I took out the book I am reading “Quiet” by Susan Cain and read about the word Satyagraha and an explanation about Gandhi’s quiet strength.  Satyagraha means ‘firmness in pursuit of truth.’  This was a word that Gandhi spoke to get people to understand that his style of leadership was soft yet powerful.  He maintained that we never have to use bold aggression in the way we address others and that quiet strength can be more influential than being pushy. If only those boys had used Satyagraha to sort out their argument.

 Reading this about Gandhi and hearing about the stabbing incident has reinforced my belief that I can be more effective using strong steady commitment to the truth than trying to force others to agree with me.  Gandhi sought to be non-violent and truthful in all situations. What a great way to live life.

An interesting thing is that it will soon be Martyr’s Day in India.  January 30th is the day of remembrance of Gandhi and also marks the day of his assassination; Jan 30, 1948.



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