Full Moon Ceremony of Receiving

We have spent the last couple of days attending my husband’s uncle’s funeral and interment. He was elderly and frail and so his passing, although sad, was not unexpected. The funeral was a long drive for us and we spent most of the day in the car. When we got home, we were all tired and worn out. Our first thought was to just go and sit on the couch in a trance in front of the television. Instead we went for a walk. The night was magical. The winter air was crisp and made my face sting. The moon was out in full and the snow was fresh from the storm the night before. Taking huge gulping breaths of the cold air was invigorating and inspired us to walk further. Stars were crystal drops in the sky. The moon rays shone upon us and I took it all in. My connection to nature, the outdoors, the cold was just what I needed to replenish my energy. After two taxing days, I was able to look to the sky and renew myself knowing that others in the world were looking skyward as well. After our walk, I felt grateful for family and the energy in this world that allows us to connect with each other. What a wonderful night.


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