Silly You: A Conversation Between the Moon and the Wind.

© Kate

© Kate

“Come,” said the wind.

“Come to my bed.”

“Why,” said the moon

Round and red?

“Listen,” said the wind.

“Lean forward and hear.”

“No,” said the moon,

“I need to stay here.”

“You come to me wind. Spread your wings over the world. Bounce through the atmosphere. Leave the world behind and follow my dreams.”

“What about mine” replied the wind? “I follow my breath and seize the chance to whisper in ears, rustle the grass, bend trees until their roots upturn, exposing the underground. I whistle through tunnels created between buildings and mountains. You come down and light my way.”

The moon just laughed, knowing that to move would extinguish her light. “Silly wind what does he know?”

“Silly moon,” thought the wind. “What does she know?”

Both thought theirs was the best and so it was for each of them. Silly humans, trying to aspire to someone else’s light or breeze. Yours is best for you and theirs for them. Admire the moon, the wind, someone else’s achievements. But stay with your own path on this planet. Do what you are called to do without wishing away your life for someone else’s.

Kate August, 2009


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