December’s New Moon

© KateAnother night of awakening at 3 a.m. to photograph the moon. As I look out the window I see a meteor. I have been away for two weeks living in Edmonton where it’s sometimes -25 at night. I arrived the evening of a full moon AND lunar eclipse but overcast skies. Twice I went out in an attempt to find the moon, but the cold air caught in my throat, making it difficult to breathe. I had taken a cautious look around but was unable to orient myself to where the moon was or if it had risen yet.

After gazing at the amazing stars in the sky I come back inside and recheck my calendar, thinking the new moon is soon. I can’t see it and then I realize that of course I can’t see it. Check for why it’s not visible. The moon and sun rise and set at the same time. I do a bit more research and discover that December 13th and 14th are the best times to see the Geminid meteor shower. is another site to visit.

I’m off to the Rockwood Farmer’s Annual Santa Claus Parade of Lights Thursday evening. There will be more time to gaze at the night skies with all its mysteries and  wonders.


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