A Poem for the Full Moon

I am not given to writing poetry (ever), however, this came to me at the end of a meditation and I thought I would share…

Sun beats down and warms my face – a look

Of everlasting adoration – comes from behind

The clouds that have too long been here.

And now I am re-birthed.  Given

A new chance to eliminate the old

Tired ways and begin again.

The tough love.  The heartbreak.

The soil aches.

My thirst quenched with bitter wine

As I regret.

Suspended in glory that is undone and dull

I offer refreshment anew in a coveted

Bowl of shelter – a cradle really.

Where the song of comfort long past comes to me

And saves my soul

From today.



One response to “A Poem for the Full Moon

  1. Beautiful!

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