November’s New Moon

© by Kate

New Moon Nov. 13, 2012  from Kate

I awaken at 4:11 am and with Herculean (that’s the word that comes to me at this time of morning) strength I heave myself from bed. I don’t want to get up, but the new moon may be in the sky. The skies may have cleared while I slept. I step out into the deck. The only way to see the moon this time of morning is to go onto the grass. It will get more interesting when the snow comes, but I’m committed to taking moon shots.

The yard lights of rural neighbours on either side of me light my way down the steps and onto the grass. Our yard light burned out years ago, thank goodness. I prefer the stars and moon’s light. I stagger across the front lawn. I do have to open my eyes to do this I decide. As I move away from the house and the cedar trees I am disappointed that, once more, there is no moon to photograph. The skies have not cleared.

In bare legs and arms I head back inside. It’s 2 degrees Celsius outside. It’s brisk but refreshing. I can see the temperature from the comfort of my computer chair once I am back inside.

It has always comforted me to see the moon and to know that my daughter thousands of miles away is looking at the same moon. As I had prepared for the new moon ceremony earlier in the evening I noticed on Facebook my son-in-law’s comment that all but the littlest one is sick. I write a comment back and a quick response is returned. I ask my daughter to call me. She, her husband and the four year old have come down with what she is afraid is food poisoning. I tell her that I don’t think you can get it from well cooked chicken nuggets, but I don’t know. After a quick “Get better soon” we hang up.

I take a newly gifted turkey vulture feather, a flashlight and the dog outside with me to the garden cottage. The dog is restless, I am tired and we don’t stay long. The dog left inside, would bark to get out with me, waking my husband. The restless dog outside makes it difficult to concentrate. We return to the comfort of my favourite chair. Holding the turkey vulture feather – to remind me to think pure thoughts – I begin to send healing thoughts to my far away family. I feel myself settle into that meditative place as I take deep breaths. I am glad for my practice and belief in distance healing. It’s what I can do in this time of the new moon and gifting.


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